Tips to Make Joint and Muscle Pain a Thing of the Past

No one wants to deal with the hassle of joint and muscle pain. Whether it is a chronic condition or is brought on suddenly, it can stop victims in their tracks. Pain can be debilitating, affecting mobility and quality of life. Combat bouts of joint and muscle pain at a young age by taking preventative measures. When pain can’t be helped, take action immediately. Treat our bodies like the temples that they are and there is a better chance of leading painfree lives.

Promoting Healthy Joints
There are many simple tricks to save wear and tear on your joints. Maintain a healthy weight. Extra pounds put pressure on bones and joints, making pain a constant companion. Regular exercise is beneficial for joint health as well. In order to avoid discomfort, opt for low-impact forms of exercise such as swimming, biking, and walking. There are many ways to remain physically active, keep joints limber, and avoid anything that is too intense as the body ages. Be sure to include exercises that target the core as well. When you maintain a strong back and abdomen, you are building up the support system for the rest of your body and putting less strain on your joints. Mind your posture, buy quality footwear, and always wear protective gear to safeguard points of impact. Your joints will thank you.

If you do strain yourself or suffer an injury, apply ice for twenty minutes at at time. You can also try alternating with heat. Pain relievers are the next step when you’ve exhausted other measures. You also need to remember to give yourself a break. If you have overexerted or hurt yourself, give your body a chance to rest and recharge. Don’t push it.

Eating well can also protect your joints. Make sure you load up on fresh produce for vitamins and minerals. Make calcium a priority for strong bones, adding low-fat dairy products to your daily diet. Vitamin D will actually help your body to process calcium. Choose fruits that are rich in vitamin C for beneficial antioxidants. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in seafood, walnuts, flaxseed, and canola oil, have anti-inflammatory properties and will keep joints in tip-top shape.

Keeping Muscles Strong
To avoid pain, take good care of those muscles. In the same way that exercise will benefit joints, it will take strengthen muscles as well. Strength training is especially helpful when performed on a consistent basis, making injury less likely. Using many of the same tips for nutrition, with a boost to protein, will promote healthy muscles. When there is an injury, it is important to address it immediately, use ice as well as heat, and get adequate rest.

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